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Regular Cleaning


All our friendly cleaners are experienced and trustworthy with an eye for detail.

They only use commercial cleaning products that will deliver great cleaning results.

Trusted & Experienced Cleaners / Reliable and Friendly / Great customer service

What do we clean?

Bedrooms, Living Rooms & other common areas:

  • Dust all possible surfaces

  • Clean glass and mirrors

  • Hoover Carpets / Mop Floors

  • Remove rubbish

Bathrooms / Toilets

  • Descale the bath / shower, taps, sink

  • Sanitise toilet / Descale toilet bowl

  • Clean glass and mirrors

  • Dust all possible surfaces

  • Remove rubbish


  • Empty and clean the sink

  • Load dishwasher (if available)

  • Wipe exteriors of cupboards, oven, fridge/freezer

  • Sanitise worktops

  • Clean floor surfaces

  • Remove any rubbish

All work fully insured. Call us today for a Free Quote.

We try and do our utmost to meet all of our customers demands but from time to time our resources are stretched and it can be difficult to allocate cleaners at short notice.

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